Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Drone Ensemble prepare for our adventure to the BALTIC

The Drone Ensemble are delighted to announce that we will be participating in the forthcoming exhibition at BALTIC, The Playground Project.

"Until the 1980s – and in rare cases until today – playgrounds were places for social experiments, risky projects, and spectacular sculptures. Architects, urban planners, artists, parents, and children were invited to leave their comfort zone and to venture something new.

A focal point for ideas about education and childhood, about urban planning and public space, about architecture and art, about creativity and control, the playground has repeatedly resisted institutional and ideological appropriation and grown in its own, sometimes anarchic, ways.

The Playground Project will bring back many exemplary, but now often forgotten playground initiatives, pioneering acts and adventures with a playground in which children (and inner children) can run, hide, climb and imagine. The exhibition includes Marjory Allen (Lady Allen of Hurtwood), Joseph Brown, Riccardo Dalisi, Richard Dattner, Aldo van Eyck, M. Paul Friedberg, Michael Grossert, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander, Alfred Ledermann, Yvan Pestalozzi, Group Ludic, Egon Møller-Nielsen, Niki de Saint Phalle, Mitsuru Senda, Colin Ward and others.

The Playground Project is realised in cooperation with Kunsthalle Zürich"

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The Drone Ensemble will be at the Children's Preview on Thursday 14th July. There will be the opportunity to see a range of the handmade instruments being played, and then have a go at playing the instruments yourself!

In preparation, we reviewed our current range of instruments and decided which instruments we will take to BALTIC. Unfortunately, due to certain restrictions, we won't be able to take everything, but we have an impressive range to play with.

Joe showed us a new instrument that he is working on. He also showed us his current store of pipes. It is rather impressive! Watch this space for more instruments involving pipes.

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