Saturday, 19 September 2015

Unsensed opening at The Hatton Gallery

The Hatton Gallery is taken over by seven contemporary artists who reveal the unseen and unnoticed facets of our everyday environment.

Matthew Flintham

Matthew Flintham presents a new installation revealing the hidden, virtual geometries of military airspaces that are all around us.

Rachel Garfield screens the second film in her trilogy The Struggle, commissioned by Beaconsfield, acknowledging unspoken ideologies saturating society.

Aaron Guy draws attention to how the layers of our environment are being shaped by invisible forces, changing the way we interact with the urban landscape.

A series of prints by Autumn Richardson and Richard Skelton trace the origins of familiar words to unearth their forgotten roots in the British landscape.

Matthew Tickle’s What the eye can’t see the heart can’t grieve for samples background radiation from the big bang which washes over and through our bodies.

Yelena Popova

Commissioned to accompany Unsensed, Yelena Popova uses the Hatton Gallery as a stage to present an installation of new ‘invisible’ paintings evoking the transience of visual images in the digital age

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