Sunday, 27 September 2015

Remarks about Newcastle University MFA Degree Show by Elizabeth Kane

I've just come across Elizabeth Kane's blog post following her visit to the Newcastle University MFA Degree Show a few weeks ago.

It reads:

"Last Friday I ventured to see 2015 MFA show at Newcastle University. You can find out more about the artists here and The Hatton here.

It was a very humid day. Not an ideal climate for viewing work. I was drawn to Alex Charrington’s prints. Perhaps because of my recent reading about visual literacy and viewer as author. They were beautiful, layered, graphic… reminiscent of so many things. Lots of ways to make my own meaning. The smell of seaweed from Helen Shaddock’s studio revitalized me, love those multi-sensory experiences.

I confess I had terrible urges to ruin the tentative balance of Nigel Morgan’s construction! I resisted but that sense of jeopardy and imminent collapse is quite powerful.Sarah Dunn’s exploration of sorting, collecting, presenting and owning was fascinating but definitely one I felt I skimmed.Finally, I have learnt Yein Son’s Nocturncanvases are made from indian ink but as an observer I pondered if they were made from light sensitive materials.

I need to go back and see more."

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