Saturday, 18 July 2015

Thinking about scale and size

I am conscious that at the moment quite a lot of the things in my space are of a similar scale. I need to introduce both larger and smaller work in order to add more variety also to vary the intensity of the work, having some dense areas and others that are sparse.

One of my options for large scale work is to print onto fabric. A simple repeated mark could be used, and I'm thinking of the colours being very subtle, perhaps a white print onto a creamy material.

I also want to try printing a repetitive pattern of marks onto wallpaper. The image above is a preliminary example of the type of marks for the wallpaper.

I am considering linking the wall, floor and ceiling by forming a band or bands of colour that wrap around the space in a loop/s. If I create bands going in different directions, they will cross each other. The point at which both bands cross could be a different colour to the bands, and could be a focal point. 

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