Thursday, 23 July 2015

Changing state

As I enjoy watching my seeds grow into little plants, and watching the peppers turn from green to yellow, I am conscious of the other materials in my studio that are changing state.

The banana leaf that originally was a fresh green, and fitted well into the corner of the room, has shrunk, is curling up, and is turning brown.          


What began as a repetitive surface of multiple undulating screen printed strips of paper of equal height and width has become a less predictable pattern as some of the pieces of paper have become detached from the sheet of paper that they were attached to. This makes for a less controlled and more experimental surface.

I experimented with a new recipe for the jelly, this time using powder and food colouring. I will make another batch using jelly cubes, and monitor how this reacts to being out of the fridge.

After one day out of the fridge, the jelly has retained much of its shape, but a small puddle of blue water has emerged. I am intrigued by the pace at which it melts, and thought that it would turn to liquid quicker than it has.

The spaghetti sticks that I inserted into the jelly have come out.


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