Thursday, 30 July 2015

Reduce, reduce, reduce

In preparation for my crit, I began editing in my studio, reducing the amount in the space, and beginning to turn it from a studio and into more of a gallery space. I need to remember not to cram the studio, and to give each work enough space to breathe. I also need to vary the scale of the work so everything isn't on the same level.

With this in mind, I introduced a large piece of fabric, and hung it from one of the pipes going round the space. This size of fabric has a presence, and contrasts with the smaller collages.

Now I am deciding what to do with the fabric, and whether to print directly onto it, or to put the seaweed prints onto the fabric. I would like to try both options, but don't want my space to be dominated by similar prints. 

I also need to consider the type of design / pattern on the seaweed. I want for them to make a whole composition rather than have a self contained image on each separate sheet of seaweed.

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