Saturday, 13 August 2016

Positioning the monitors

I view the scouring pad animation as a kind of moving painting and therefore it seems appropriate to display it on a flatscreen monitor on the wall.

However, the folding napkin animation suits a more sculptural setup. I want for it to appear like the napkins are being folded on a table, and should be viewed from above, rather like the way in which I filmed them. 

Due to some rather dull technical reasons which I won't bore you with, I am using an old computer to present my folding napkin animation on. Unfortunately there is no way of getting rid of the bulky tower, and so I need to make a bespoke case to fit all the equipment in, and hold the monitor horizontally. I will need access to it on a daily basis and so the box will have a door that enables me to switch it all on and play the video.

I want the box to be as near to the size of the animation setup as possible, and so have decided to use the speakers on the monitor rather than having to house a couple of additional speakers. 

 The box has cut out rectangles in the position of the speakers on the monitor.

I've encountered an unexpected problem; namely that the screen of the monitor seems much darker than it should. The image above shows that the top of the monitor is much darker than the bottom, and the image below shows that when viewed the other way round, the image is the intended colour.


 In order to rectify the issue, I have tried to rotate the video. The problem with this is that the holes for speakers are now above the animation, and if I align the monitor correctly, the door to the box is at the front and is unsightly. This is a job to resolve tomorrow!                                                      

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