Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Install of the projections commences

I have a rather complicated installation setup, with lots of cables and items of technology to take into account. 

In the room with the projections the ceiling is weak and so nothing can be hung from the ceiling. Therefore, I am needing to install a tension wire spanning the width of the room, and will then hang the projection screen from this wire.

The projectors need to be positioned diagonally and as far away from each other as possible in order to get the throw length required to make the footage on the projector life size, as intended. They will need to be upside down and secured on bespoke brackets that need to be made from metal. 

The 2 projections need to be synched, and this requires use of some specialist equipment called BrightSigns. I set up these today and tested whether they work as desired. They do!

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