Sunday 6 December 2015

Newcastle University Postcard Auction

The annual Newcastle University Postcard Auction took place on Friday night. The final year undergraduate Fine Art students organise the event as a fundraiser. The students use the proceeds from the postcard auction together with earnings from their other fundraising efforts to support the cost of the students’ final Degree Show installation and catalogue, fees, venue hire and a critique that has become an annual tradition at the end of the academic year.

The quality of artworks up for grabs was as good as ever. Donated work by current students was shown alongside the work of alumni, staff and a range of international contemporary artists.

Here are some of the works that were up for grabs

Sam Ainsley, You ain't goin' anywhere'

Maria Chevska, 'Telepath B'

Sir Quentin Blake

Toby Phips Lloyd, 'Talking Water: notes from a performance or an artist, a philosopher and a psychoanalyst walk into a bar'

Tom Hume, Orange Rainbow

They even got a mention in the Courier newspaper:

One of the auction's organisers, Holly Wheeler, has provided me with some photos from the event.

As you can see, the artwork was displayed in a professional manner and the given the range of artworks available, there was something to suit anyone and everyone.

At the moment the exact amount raised has not been calculated, but I hope that the students are pleased with how the event went, and the proceeds do justice to the amount of effort put into organising the auction and the artworks available. 

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