Friday 12 December 2014

Instructions to disrupt usual walking patterns

The purpose of these instructions is to prompt you to think about moving in a different way. Each instruction should be followed for at least 5 minutes*

You decide:
How many instructions you follow each day
The order in which the instructions are followed
How many times you follow the instruction

Walk backwards

Skip to work

Change direction every time you walk on a different surface


Walk barefoot

Notice the different surfaces that you step on


Walk to work an hour later than usual and notice the difference

Move at the same pace as the person next to you

Walk round the perimeter of buildings as opposed to through open space


Close your eyes and let someone else to give you directions of where to go

Every time you cross a road, alter the pace of your walk

Move without your feet leaving the ground

Wear a pair of shoes that are too big for you

Walk sideways


Stop and look up after every 10 steps

Notice the colours

Change direction every time you pass a red car

Walk to work an hour earlier than normal and notice the difference


Please note that I am not responsible for you being late to work, getting injured, or for you receiving funny looks when carrying out such instructions!

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