Friday, 5 December 2014

Bedrock Geology

Nigel (one of the 2nd year MFA students) and I share a love of maps, and we have had some great discussions about our work in relation to the landscape, rock formations and natural and manmade materials.

He brought in a type of map that I have never seen before, and introduced me to the wonders of Bedrock Geology.

Bedrock geology (formerly known as 'solid' geology by British Geological Survey) is a term used for the main mass of rocks forming the Earth and present everywhere, whether exposed at the surface in outcrops or concealed beneath superficial deposits or water. The bedrock has formed over vast lengths of geological time ranging from ancient and highly altered rocks of the Proterozoic, some 2500 million years ago, or older, up to the relatively young Pliocene, 2.6 million years ago.

The key to the map is a beautiful thing, let alone the map.

The colour schemes within the map are uncanningly similar to the colours used within some of my forms.

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