Friday, 28 October 2016

Thanks due after launch of A lot can happen in fifteen minutes

Thanks to all who came to NewBridge Books for the launch of A lot can happen in fifteen minutes, my risograph publication produced in collaboration with UnstapledPress.

With so much going on as part of Microlates in Newcastle, I was very pleased to see such a great turnout throughout the night. 

As well as working with UnstapledPress on the risograph publication, we created a number of collaborative collages which are currently exhibited in NewBridge Books.

We also shared the joyous task of threading packing peanuts onto lengths of thread which are installed in the window space of NewBridge Books.

Huge thanks go to Cathy, Holly, Deanna and Rene from UnstapledPress who have been such a wonderful team to work with.

Cathy created a sound work that was playing throughout the evening, and Holly even made a jelly to mark the occasion!

I also had an amazing group of readers to help with the readings at tonights launch. We read three of the texts contained within the publication, and each were read in a different fashion. For the first reading we were all distributed throughout the audience, with the audience not knowing who would deliver the next sentence.

The second text involved two readers who were facing each other, one taking the role of 'them' and the other taking the role of 'you'. 

For the final reading we all stood in a circle, our faces looking into the audience and away from each other. We all began reading the text at the same time, but naturally we became out of synch. 

Sarah, Stella, Michaela, Pheobe and Edwin; thanks a million for helping out - you were AWESOME!

My thanks also go to Kuba at NewBridge Books for his support, assistance with install and for supplying the groovy tunes that kept us dancing into the night!

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