Sunday, 9 October 2016


The BLOCK party last night was an idea chance to visit the experimental digital print room currently within The Northern Charter project space & library.
"In the spirit of a famous broadside by Beatrice Warde (1900-1969), celebrating the eloquence and power of the printed word: digital collages are being developed by Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects with collaborators visiting the print room each day.

Visitors are welcome to spend time browsing research content, videos and a specially curated reading room. Then work with Giles Bailey CIRCA Projects to re-imagine archival images, texts, and video as digital posters in Photoshop.

The posters are projected onto a sculptural stage-set made by artist Eleanor Wright: an installation changing with the course of the workshops. Following this, the poster designs will be printed and distributed around Newcastle in venues, cafes and bars – acting as footnotes for future artworks to be developed by Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects for the North East."

On arrival, Dawn Bothwell (one of the CIRCA members), gave us an introduction to the project and invited us to participate and make a poster using imagery chosen from the archive. We then investigated the archive, selecting a few images that caught our attention. As we were scanning the images and creating our poster, Adam Phillips (another CIRCA member) talked to us more about the archive material. We had chosen an image from a pamphlet produced by Star and Shadow cinema and an image from a publication about an art festival in Newcastle that no longer happens. It was a great way to learn about two aspects of Newcastle's cultural heritage that I have not experienced.

This is what we ended up with

I look forward to seeing the range of printed artworks that result from the project.

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