Tuesday, 7 June 2016

TRIGGER progress in preparation for install C

With the TRIGGER install date confirmed for tomorrow, Tuesday 7th June, Pipi and I have been finishing off as much of the structure as we can prior to install.

Over the past week we have spent hours applying layer after layer of white paint, sanding each layer  to create a smooth brilliant white solid surface on which the fluorescent paint would lie.

When we were working on the piece for the KIELDER OFFSITE exhibition, the fluorescent paint had proved to be difficult to work with. It dries incredibly quickly making it very hard to blend strokes into each other.

Unfortunately, despite our efforts to create an ultra smooth white surface on which to apply the fluorescent paint, the paint did not apply evenly and we were unhappy with the quality of the finish. It appeared patchy, and was not very fluorescent.

We therefore decided to change the base colour of the box to black instead of the fluorescent yellow. We would add fluorescent yellow and orange tape to the box to brighten it up and make it more eye-catching.


We placed the equipment on a shelf and sealed the speaker and cabling into the top of the box.

We then added the solar panel to the top and side of the box in order to catch as many rays as possible.

Fingers crossed!

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