Saturday, 11 June 2016

Meeting with Unstapled Press 9099

As I may have mentioned, I have recently begun writing short texts, somewhere in between prose and poems. The texts have their origins in personal experience, but I want for them to move away from the specific towards the general. I want the audience to be able to relate to them in some way.

I am thinking of different ways that the texts could exist;

together as a collection in a publication,

separately on individual sheets,

as postcards,

as audio works to be listened to,

read like subtitles across a screen,

performed as a monologue,

vinyl text on a wall,

and so on

There are many options!

With all these in mind, I contacted Unstapled Press. 

UnstapledPress is a publishing house that was "set up by seven artists with an aim of publishing creative work involving text. Founded in May 2014, UnstapledPress works in collaboration with: artists, architects, musicians, writers, thinkers, performers, speakers, and linguists, anyone who has a passion for text. Producing books where there perhaps were none before."

We met and discussed ideas and got excited about possibilities. I told them about what I have been doing, showed them some of the texts and proposed that we work together to get the texts in an engaging form (or forms) suited to the text. They were very keen for us to work together. I gave them access to all the shorts texts that I have written to date, and we agreed to meet again.

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