Sunday, 22 November 2015

Site visit to Caledonia Road Church

In support of my proposal for a performative work to be included in the Circus between Worlds programme as part of Glasgow International 2016, I went to visit the site, an Alexander Greek Thomson Church on Caledonia Road in Glasgow.
We met Neil Bromwich and Zoe Walker who are running this project (along with other artists from Edinburgh and Glasgow) at the site, and they showed us around.

A bamboo structure has been erected in the space by architect, Lee Baxendale.

Pallets have been piled up to form a kind of seating area.

The tall tower and outside wall will act as a dramatic backdrop for the performances.

The view of the Church from the road .

A group of architects have built a shelter just outside the gates to the Church.

After the site visit Neil and Zoe took us to their studio and showed us a model of the site and discussed further their ideas for the event and went through the proposal requirements. 

Now all I have to do is write up my proposal! 

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