Monday, 31 August 2015

Whitley Bay Arthouses 2015

This weekend marks the 6th anniversary of Whitley Bay Arthouses, set up and run by artist and Whitley Bay resident, Tracey Tofield.

"The Arthouses programme sees artists install their work directly into the community. Whitley Bay residents and businesses transform their houses and premises into art venues for the weekend and host sculptures, drawings, performances, film and video from a mix of local and international artists, as well as graduates and current students from Newcastle University."

A range of art forms are included in the programme, including paintings, sound and video works as well as performances and drawings.

Victoria Avenue becomes the focal point of the town as numerous houses display signs in their gardens signalling that their doors are to the public, allowing them to experience artworks in a domestic setting.

Tracey says: “Art is for everyone, so the Arthouses programme is all about bringing contemporary art into the heart of the local community. It starts conversations, gives people the opportunity to talk directly to artists, talk to their neighbours, ask questions and discuss and be challenged by what is being presented. The enthusiasm of the householders – who have been so generous with their time and willingness to invite the public into their homes – has been a massive factor in the success of Arthouses in the past.

In previous years we’ve had performances in front gardens and sculptures in front windows.This year, we’re really excited about our ‘bike-in’ – like a drive-in movie theatre, but with bikes! People will be able to come along with – or without – their bikes to a showing of ‘Dummy Jim’, a film about James Duthie, a profoundly deaf factory worker from Aberdeenshire, who in 1951 embarked on a 3 month, 3000-mile round trip from Scotland to the north of Norway. The screening is part of the film’s national tour so we’re delighted that we can include it in this year’s festival programme.”

Erika Servin's prints on tortillas may first appear beautiful and innocent, but on closer inspection they reveal the dreadful reality that is the abuse and murder of Mexican women.

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