Monday, 17 August 2015

Band of bleached lining paper

Over the past few weeks I have been trying different display options on pieces of lining paper on the studio floor. I have been placing different works next to each other and testing out what works well in terms of positioning. The bright sunlight in the studio has bleached the paper, leaving a trace of the works on the lining paper. As the positions changed, some areas are more bleached than others, and it provides a kind of history of the movement of the works over time.

I have been wanting to use this faded lining paper in the exhibition, and considering different options.

As the paper has been rolled out on the floor for a number of weeks, I now want to see it on the wall.

I'm thinking about having a horizontal band of lining paper on the wall with a couple of objects/drawings on the paper and the rest of the paper showing the faded areas. 

I prefer when the lining paper sits flush to the wall without rolls at the edges. When I stretched the paper across the whole wall, from door to corner, it became too close to the other works and cluttered the space.

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