Thursday, 20 August 2015

Experimenting with Lotus Leaves on a pole

I discovered these large lilypad-like leaves when in a Chinese supermarket, and had to buy some to use in my artwork.

I know that I need to introduce something of height in the space, and worked with a variety of materials to produce a free standing sculpture.

I do not like the white pipe used above because it is too plain and has no character. However, I do enjoy the lotus leaves on the pipe, so I changed the pipe for an aluminium rod that I bent in a way to be self balancing.

In order to maintain the balance of the work, I needed to alter the rotation of the lotus leaves so that the weight was fairly evenly distributed. This was trickier than one presumes!

I tried adding some of the other materials that I had previously been using with the sculpture, but they  were unnecessary. I'm gradually learning that less is more. As the wonderful Irene Brown would say, "Keep it simple, stupid!"

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