Friday, 21 November 2014

Slicing casts

I feel it is important to work with the rectangular casts so as to turn them into something other than coloured bricks. I started making rectangular casts when I had my residency at 1 Royal Terrace. I made them specifically to fit the inbuilt bookcase, and this gave them a context. Without that context the blocks become much less interesting, hence why I need to do add another element to them or do something with them to give them a new context.

I have begun to slice into the blocks, creating new shapes and revealing unseen surfaces.

All of the faces of this block are black, but the inside is made from coloured layers. Now that I have sliced the block, the coloured layers are visible on this one side. I plan to carve into this side, moving it from the solid block into a more interesting and surprising form. I want to keep the other faces black so that the viewer gets a surprise when they see the coloured side.

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