Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bringing out the colour

Throughout the drying process, plaster tends to lose its vibrancy, and the colours become paler and chalky.

I have found that adding polymer to the mix of pigment, water and plaster helps retain the intensity of the coloured plaster. 

After hours of sanding, the surfaces have turned cloudy. I now wish to bring out the strength of the colour. In the past I have coated the plaster with diluted polymer. Although this seals the surface and helps prevent the plaster from fading, this method doesn't really give a sense of depth of colour. I am therefore experimenting with other processes.

I am testing out using clear shellac varnish. For optimum results, thin layers need to be applied, gradually building up the depth of colour.

2 faces of the cast have been coated in varnish, showing the contrast between the chalky non-treated surface and the vibrant treated surface

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