Saturday, 29 November 2014

It's on the wall!

I've spent the last week hopping between the metal, wood and casting workshops, learning new skills and processes in order to achieve my aim of installing one of my sculptures on the wall.

I wanted the block to be flush against the wall without the presence of any brackets or shelves. In order to do this, I needed to have two steel rods sticking out of the wall to be inserted into the block and hold it above the floor. 

The rods were welded to a steel plate, and two holes were drilled into the plaster block for the steel rods to fit into. A countersink was made to accommodate the raised welded sections.

I chiselled a recess into the block for the steel plate to fit into, so as the block would fit flush against the wall.

The steel plate was drilled onto the wall, and then the block was slotted onto the rods.

It has been a time consuming process in order to get the block on the wall, but now I feel a sense of achievement, and am glad that I have learned some new skills. The technicians, Joe (woodwork), Steve (metal) and Burnie (casting) were all extremely helpful.

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