Monday, 27 October 2014

Lithography workshop

Today I had an introduction to aluminium lithography, a new process for me.

planographic printing process that makes use of the immiscibility of grease and water.

In the lithographic process, ink is applied to a grease-treated image on the flat printing surface; nonimage (blank) areas, which hold moisture, repel the lithographic ink. This inked surface is then printed—either directly on paper, by means of a special press (as in most fine-art printmaking), or onto a rubber cylinder (as in commercial printing)."

I applied pencil crayons, marker pens, cut up pieces of card and cut up pieces of tracing paper onto a shape that I had torn from tracing paper.

Lithography plate prior to inking or printing

I then exposed this imagery onto the aluminium plate, and printed the plate using the offset press.

Lithography plate after inking

My first lithographs

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