Monday, 13 October 2014

Ai Weiwei in the Chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Despite being unable to travel due to Government-imposed passport restrictions, Ai Weiwei has developed an exhibition at the Chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

His work, which draws attention to human rights abuses and his experience of the Chinese Government treating him unfairly, is by its nature, very thought provoking and so is well suited to this quiet, contemplative space.

The Iron Tree (2013) which stands outside the Chapel is made from numerous sections that have been attached together using a traditional Chinese method.

Inside the chapel, the installation Fairytale - 1001 Chairs (2007-2014), and sculptures, Ruyi (2012), Lantern (2014) and Map of China (2009), all make one question the individuals position in relation to others in society.

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