Thursday, 20 June 2013


Regardless of whether one is in the heart of a busy city, in the depth of a forest, in a barron desert or in the comfort of one's own home, we are surrounded by patterns, both natural and man-made. I am visually attracted to patterns, and over the years have developed an extensive catalogue of patterned materials.

In my ongoing research I came across Patternity, "an award-winning creative organisation that specialises in the exploration and application of pattern. Founded by photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/textiles designer Grace Winteringham with a united drive to push the awareness and understanding of pattern. Their unique research archive, design studio and events go beyond the surface, using pattern as a vehicle to engage, educate
and inspire."

At the heart of everything Patternity does "is the fundamental belief that pattern is a powerful tool with which to educate and engage".

I will be exploring their website in more detail soon, but here is a wee taster to whet the appetite!

Check out the website :

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