Tuesday, 11 June 2013

MFA exhibition at the Glue Factory

Today I visited the Glue Factory to see this year's MFA exhibition. This exhibition marks the end of the student's two year postgraduate degree at Glasgow School of Art. As is the usual case with such exhibitions at the Glue Factory, some work is enhanced by the gritty, dirty surroundings, while other works would be better suited to a 'white cube' gallery context.

Fraser Sim has embraced the individual features of the space by, for instance, using the fireplace in the wall as a focal point for his installation titled UNITS.

The variety of coloured blocks become like 'coffee-table books'. 

Each block is exquisitely handmade and individual, but I believe that when displayed as a collective group such as in this exhibition, they become so much more interesting as we are asked to consider them as part of a whole rather than individual pieces.

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