Thursday, 27 June 2013

I can see my studio floor again!

Since destalling my exhibition from the Market Gallery, I have barely been able to move in my Studio due to the amount of artwork and materials that I have had to store there. Some of the sculptures have been installed in other exhibitions, giving me a bit more space, but in order to be able to do more casting in the studio, I needed to clear a large space on the floor.

Over the last few weeks I have gradually been sorting through what I could throw away, what I need in my studio, and what I could move into storage, both in Glasgow and in Yorkshire (courtesy of my Granny's garage!)

This afternoon Andy and Emma helped me load up their car with things to be taken to the dump, and then we had a major re-organisation of my storage space. We pulled out the sculptures that I will take to Yorkshire for storing, left them in a relatively easy place to be collected soon, and then we moved lots from my studio into the storage facility that we just emptied.

Thankfully, after all the hard work, my studio is looking much clearer now and I will be able to start casting again.

Watch this space...

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