Monday, 20 November 2017

Cameraless Film-Making Workshop: Direct Animation and Collage with Hands on Film Lab

At the weekend I participated in one of the workshops ran by Hands on Film lab at The NewBridge Project. The workshop was to discover and explore the most immediate and satisfying of film-making techniques. Hand made footage, with no camera required! We used found footage, paints and various mark-making techniques to make a collaborative film on 16mm using the process of direct animation. We each made short film loops, and projected them. 

They will now be edited together to create a collective animation to be screened at Hands on Film's next evening screening: 

THE EXPERIMENTAL FRAME (December 14th, The Newbridge Project).


I experimented with various means of creating images; I made one film on clear film with leaves and petals. 

I was amazed how much detail of the veins can be seen in the animation.

Another length of clear film was drawn onto with various marks and colours, transparencies were cut and stuck on, and holes were made in the film. This was spliced with another film where I scratched into black film, and added coloured transparencies and inks. I used the hole punch to create circles in the film, and inserted coloured transparencies into some of the circles.

This little introduction has given me lots of ideas about ways that I can incorporate this method of working into my practice. Watch this space!

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