Thursday, 14 May 2015

A Third Exhibit

Tonight I met with the group of architects and musician with whom I am collaborating for the exhibition 'A Third Exhibit' at The Hatton Gallery which opens this Saturday. As we inspected the various packages containing the equipment that we have purchased with the money from the commission, it seemed like Christmas had come early.

We systematically discussed all of the elements of the installation, flagging any potential problems and making sure we had sourced everything we need for Saturday.

We made a list of, and allocated the jobs that still need to be sorted, and agreed to meet at 10am on Saturday to start the exciting process of bringing the installation together. Visitors are welcome to the gallery during the day, so come and watch the installation in development.

The installation will be part of The Late Shows from 7-11pm on Saturday night (16th May), and the exhibition will run until 21st May.

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