Friday, 3 April 2015

More playing with VPT

Jodie and I spent another day in the project space testing out video mapping using VPT 7. 

Yesterday was the first day that either of us had used the projection mapping software, but through a combination of online tutorials, web forums, software instructions and trial and error, we had managed to begin to learn the basics, and achieved some interesting results.

Firstly we tried projecting video footage onto a reflective surface. This was very difficult to see.

We then tried projecting onto the inside of a triangular form.

The video was different colours of silicone pouring down a surface. 

Later we projected different video footage onto the different sides of the inside of a triangular form.

The footage on the bottom of the triangle was difficult to see, and we decided that the colours needed to be stronger as the projector tends to bleach them.

Our last exploration was projecting onto a couple of forms, one of which was behind the other.

I've really enjoyed learning something completely new, and although it was very challenging, we managed to test out a range of ideas. 

Unfortunately we are not able to use this for our exhibition at the Lit and Phil because the equipment (a projector) will not be available as all the supplies in the media suite will be used for the undergraduate degree show. We will just have to hold onto our ideas and try them out later.

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