Sunday, 19 April 2015

Inviting a response to an Exhibit, 1957

For the occasion of Victor Pasmore: In Three Dimensions
An exhibition at the Hatton Gallery (6 Feb – 9 May 2015)
A Creative Practice Commission

Inviting a response to an Exhibit, 1957

Given my interest in the work and educational stance of Victor Pasmore, I was keen to submit a proposal to the Hatton Gallery in response to their call for applications to 

"create new work for the occasion of the exhibition Victor Pasmore: In Three Dimensions at the Hatton Gallery (06 February - 09 May 2015). The particular focus of the brief is to rematerialise an Exhibit, the immersive installation work made at the Hatton Gallery in 1957 by Victor Pasmore in collaboration with Richard Hamilton. The work was constructed out of sheets of coloured Perspex suspended in a grid formation in the large white Edwardian gallery at the Hatton. It has since been recognised as a landmark event in the history of installation art and exhibition design, and was recently remade for an exhibition at the ICA in London.

For logistical reasons, an Exhibit has never been redisplayed in the Hatton Gallery after its first showing in 1957. However, it is an essential part of the story of Victor Pasmore’s development from two-dimensional painting to three-dimensional constructions, which is the focus of the current exhibition at the Hatton Gallery, Victor Pasmore: In Three Dimensions.

The work resulting from this commission will use innovative methods to communicate an impression of an Exhibit in the gallery which originally housed it. To reflect how central it was to Pasmore’s practice to work across disciplines, proposals are encouraged with a multi-discipline approach. The key aim of the commission is to produce new work that helps to build relationships between creative practitioners across the University."

I met up with a group of architecture students and staff and a Music student who were also interested in the opportunity, and together we formed a collaborative proposal.

I am delighted to report that our proposal has been selected, and we are now working to a tight deadline to prepare the work ready for The Late Shows on 15th and 16th May.                                                                                                                                

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