Sunday 8 December 2013

Coloured floor tiles

Yesterday I cast a couple of forms that are the exact shape of a floor tile from the gallery. Whereas the other casts that I have been making for the bookshelves are multicoloured, I made the floor tile casts as single colours. 

Today I removed these from the moulds, and tested out the idea to put the floor tile on the top of the cast so as to extend the floor vertically. I aim to create lots of coloured floor tiles at different heights, and install them on the parquet flooring in the gallery.

Yesterday I also cast from a mould I had not used yet. This pillar-like mould is for the bookcase. When pouring the plaster into the mould, I noticed that, due to the tall and thin shape of the mould, the plaster was splashing high up the edges. This can be seen in the resulting form.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very new information for me about colors on tiles I have never try this or never think of it but do you think color will stay on tiles surface?