Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Loneliness, oneness and solitude on BBC Radio 4

Amidst the unprecedented situation brought about by coronavirus, many individuals find themselves alone in self-isolation mode. The recent episode of BBC Radio 4's cultural review programme, Front Row is more relevant than ever as it investigates how isolation and solitude impacts on creativity. I am not in any way suggesting that artists only create good art when they are alone, for there are many examples of significant artworks that have been created by a number of artists working together, some of which simply could not have been produced by a single artist. Nor am I suggesting that most artists prefer to work in isolation. But there are many examples of great artists who have reported leading lives of solitude, loneliness and boredom. The programme considers what we can learn about creativity from these artists.

Composer and musician Errollyn Wallen composes from a remote lighthouse in Scotland, and poet and author Andrew Greig, divides his time living in Edinburgh and the Orkney Islands. They discuss how their environment affects how they write.

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