Monday, 17 February 2020

Illuminating the Self - Andrew Carnie

Andrew Carnie’s work for Illuminating the Self "reflects on the CANDO project’s scientific and engineering aspects whilst also considering some of the ethical and moral questions surrounding it. 

At Vane, Carnie is showing the video work, A Tale of Two (2019), which consists of a series of ‘bouquets’ of USB programmable word fans, each with texts in blue and red that reflect different aspects of implants and implantation. The texts are in part taken from documents on the legal, ethical, and emotional aspects of implantation: they are in part derived from texts on ‘Everyday Cyborgs’ – people with attached and implanted medical devices such as artificial joint replacements, pacemakers, total artificial hearts, and limb prostheses – as well as Carnie’s own writing."

It is this work that I am particularly interested in, probably because of the potential for me to use this kind of technology for text work. I'm thinking of the possibility of being able to create word clusters that resemble mind maps that would grow and trigger further word clusters.

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