Monday, 30 September 2019

Yorkshire Sculpture International at Leeds City Art Gallery

2019 saw the launch of Yorkshire Sculpture International, a festival of sculpture taking place across Leeds and Wakefield from June to September. 

In addition to the exhibitions at the four main galleries; Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Leeds Art Gallery, The Henry Moore Institute and The Hepworth, there programme also includes a number of outdoor sculptures and new commissions.

Rachel Harrison draws upon a wide range of influences, fusing art historical references with references from pop culture. Her choice of materials is similarly eclectic, with nods to art history and contemporary society.

Joanna Piotrowska selected a number of artworks from the Leeds collection and displayed these alongside her series of black and white photographs investigating social structures. Piotrowska asked local people in Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro, Warsaw and London to create makeshift structures in their homes. 

Although it is not part of Yorkshire Sculpture International, my visit afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with Lothar Goetz's vibrant wall painting which dominates the main staircase. Goetz is interested in how colour interferes with our perception of space and form. 

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