Sunday, 1 September 2019

Open Exhibition at Gallagher and Turner

When I visited the Open Exhibition at Gallagher and Turner earlier in the week, I found it fascinating to discover the work of many North East artists that I had not previously come across before.

The range of work featured and breadth of practices represented makes for an interesting exhibition. Despite there being over 55 works hung in the relatively small gallery space, it does not feel cramped and has avoided being cluttered. 

These are a few of the works that particularly caught my attention.

Andrew Watchorn - Skaith

Beth J Ross - King Edward's Bay

Gary Carter - Take My Hand

Paddy Killer - Mary Swift's Blouse and Flanders Tape Lace

Emma Bennett - Register Office (Wall)

Jamie Taylor - Untitled (Glitch Painting)II

Theresa Poulton - Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

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