Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Villa Joe tapestry by Paul Noble at The Laing

This incredible tapestry by Paul Noble is currently hung in the Laing Art Gallery, and dominates the large wall space downstairs by the staircase. It is based on a previous pencil drawing by Noble, and has been created using hand-dyed yarn.

"It shows the stony landscape surrounding Villa Joe, a ‘personalised holiday villa’ near Noble’s imagined city of Nobson Newtown. The villa itself, a gigantic glass building in the shape of the name Joe, is depicted as a cabinet of curiosities filled with ornaments and stuffed animals. The stony landscape around the building is littered with allusions to Henry Moore, with rock formations echoing Moore’s reclining figures and helmet series."

I'm interested in the way that Noble has created three dimensional text. It took me a while to work out what the sentence was, which is useful to bear in mind as I am thinking about ways in which to make text more challenging to read for my recent publication, Portion Control.

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