Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sir Nicholas Serota speaks on Front Row prior to delivering his inaugural speech as the Chair of Arts Council England

As Sir Nicholas Serota delivered his inaugural speech as the new Chair of Arts Council England, the former director of the Tate art galleries spoke to Front Row about his vision for his new role, and to what extent he intends to change the focus of the London-based institution.

Some key points from the speech include:

The Arts and Culture are lagging behind organisations and industries such as the Banks when it comes to diversity within those who in positions of leadership

The pressure on Local Authority funding is the biggest challenge to the Arts

There is a need for the Arts Council to take the Arts to communities and places that currently do not encounter art

The Arts Council are investing in the future as well as the present

There is a need to provide opportunities and encourage young people to engage in the arts

The Arts Council needs to support the organisations that are making the arts inclusive

To listen to Sir Nicholas Serota talk to John Wilson on Front Row visit

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