Monday, 20 March 2017

Wrapped ready for transporting

As NewBridge studioholders steadily move out of our studios on NewBridge Street West and transfer everything to our new temporary home at Carliol House, Holly and I have been gathering mugs from people wanting to participate in our 'Raise A Mug for NewBridge' event.

We are wrapping each of the mugs in wrapping paper that we have made, transporting them to Carliol House, and will then reunite the artists with their mugs at a Carliol House Studio warming gathering. We will fill our mugs with a cup of tea (or alternative beverage) and raise our mugs to the next phase of NewBridge history.

This weekend we are busy wrapping the mugs that we have already gathered. We've got plenty more wrapping paper, so plenty more NewBridge Studio holders can can involved. Just leave your mug (with a label with your name) at the NewBridge office, on the tea trolley in the bookshop or give them directly to Helen and Holly.

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