Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Thanks to all who contributed to the NewBridge Community tea towel

Over the past few weeks Holly Wheeler and I have been gathering drawings of, and from, members of the NewBridge community for inclusion on the NewBridge community tea towel that we are creating. There has been an incredible response from over 45 artists. The illustrations range from cartoon style line drawings to detailed studies of the human form and the occasional abstract representations. 

We would like to thank the following artists for participating in our project and submitting a drawing to be included on the tea towel:

Aaron Guy
Adam Goodwin
Arnaud Moinet
Bailey (the dog)
Charlie Gregory
Clare Gomez
David Foggo
Dean Crawford
Eddy Robinson
Edmund English
Edwin Li
Hannah Kirkham
Hannah Marsden
Helen Shaddock
Holly Wheeler
Jackson + Pete
Jade Sweeting
Jessie Jacobs
Jo Hislop
Joe Shaw
Julia Heslop
Juliet Fleming
Katy Cole
Lesley Anne Rose
Louie Pegna
Louise Mackenzie
Luke Mullen
Maria Abbott
Martin Kellett
Matthew Pickering
Neil Armstrong
Nick Kennedy
Olivia Turner
Ollie Doe
Paul Raymond
Rachael Clewlow
Rebecca Huggan
Rosie Morris
Roxie Watson
Sabina Sallis
Seb Trend
Taryn Edmonds
Toby Phips Lloyd

Zoe Molloy

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