Monday, 13 February 2017

I feature in the 'Six question series' in the new format PDF zine, verdure engraved

I was invited by Jez Riley French to feature in the first issue of the new format pdf zine, verdure engraved.

Verdue engraved in a pdf zine containing interviews and art from a range of practitioners. A regular feature in the zine is the 'six questions series' in which artists are asked to respond to a set of six questions. You can read my answers to the questions by downloading the zine from 

As ever the pdf zine contains interviews and art but it now also comes with a download album of sound pieces. Its free to download or you can donate to the costs of putting it together if you are able. 

For issue 1 of 2017 the featured artists are:
The zine comes as part of the download of the audio album - so to access it you need to download the audio album.

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