Friday, 11 November 2016

Oh how I love receiving parcels...especially when they contain art!

I've been genuinely moved by the number of wonderful artworks that I have received from artists all over the UK and abroad in response to my recent publication with UnstapledPress, A lot can happen in fifteen minutes.

I have invited artists, writers and musicians to submit creative responses to the text and diagrams in the publication. These artworks will be presented at a closing exhibition event at NewBridge Books / PH Space tonight, Friday 11th November, 6-8pm, with performances at 7pm.

I'm very curious as to what people will create, and am interested in finding out how people connect to the text. 

The list of contributors is impressive, and there is a real range of work that will be exhibited. Over the past couple of weeks I have been receiving parcels, dropbox links, files via WeTransfer, emails with descriptions of performances and messages from artists who will bring their work on Friday afternoon.

I sometimes find that people are reluctant to talk about the art at openings, but I want to create a situation whereby people are encouraged to discuss the works. One way in which I have tried to do this is to invite the contributors to the gallery on Friday afternoon to help co-curate the exhibition, and for us to have some discussion about how people arrived at the artwork that they made. I have an inclination that people will be more open to talk about the work if they have spent time with it, and developed an understanding of the work. It would seem reasonable to believe that, in order to make a meaningful artwork in response, the contributors have put considerable thought into how they are to respond to the publication. I hope that the act of curating the exhibition together, we discuss some of these thoughts and ideas.

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