Monday, 14 November 2016

No Niceties - Gary Bolam, Contributing Artist

As previously mentioned, I am going to do a number of blog posts profiling each artist that contributed to the No Niceties exhibition.

Gary Bolam is a Glasgow based Glasgow School of Art Graduate.

Waited. Weighted. Wait. (They Stood Nervously)

"Accumulated language, actions and materials inform the basic structure within my
practice. I find that drawing is a practical way of resolving proposed installations or
constructs. Regularly delicate in appearance, the lines used on paper often represent a
form which, given opportunity, could turn into sculptural installation. Motivations within
my work vary from analysis of mass to experiments with materials. I’m intrigued by the
relationship of each element within my work. From how the viewer engages with it to how
different depictions of material alter the understanding of the piece."

"For me this work is all about the two opposing stances or elements within A Lot Can
Happen, In Fifteen Minutes.

The analysed and the analyser.
The solid and the unstable.
The inner and the outer.

On one side: A weighted mass is held in the air by a delicate combination of bits of wood
and wire. Combined together through minimal connections. If one piece was to come
undone, then the whole would come crashing down.

On the other side: A solid plinth of stone sits ever so slightly off vertical but with a real
sense of togetherness. A presented and accepted stance. Simple but with an unquestioned

Thinking about the publication title A Lot Can Happen, In Fifteen Minutes and this work
gives it another element I love. The potential of change or an action to be carried out to
either of the two towers. Perhaps one is about to collapse or perhaps the other is to be
adorned with more construction to solidify it more."

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