Friday, 4 November 2016

HUMANKIND REDEFINED - A new political party

As part of The NewBridge Project's Hidden Civil War programme, Nini Ayach and Ailsa Dalling worked collaboratively with four different community groups from Newcastle to create an image of a ‘utopian leader’ which was then paraded through the streets of Newcastle.

The new political party was named HUMANKIND REDEFINED, and the puppet character was called Elvira Snowdon. As she was paraded up and down Northumberland Street on Saturday, supporters were handing out the party's manifesto:

Key Policy Proposals included
- Instituting country-wide daily nap times
- Free milk and biscuits for children and adults nightly (soya milk available)
- To increase happiness across the population, providing one cat per household (if wanted).
- Complete gender equality including equal pay for men and women
- Making glamour magazine illegal
- Building free cinemas that show only romantic movies
- Investing in time travel technology
- Abolishing the bedroom tax
- Sanctioning politicians who don't follow through with what they promise
- Public deodorant stands for people to use

- Abolishing university fees
- Increasing the focus on emotional education
- No more homework

Environmental justice
- Suspending all nuclear power
- Shifting to 100% renewable energy, immediately
- Developing more green spaces and more community gardens
- Developing eco-friendly airplanes
- Fighting food waste

Disability rights
- Making it safer for people with disabilities to go out at night
- Battling mental health stigma
- Fighting hate crime
- Protecting the welfare state
- Encouraging more disabled politicians to run for office

I think government should take notice!

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