Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The Circusmobile is packed ready for Glasgow

After weeks of preparation, the Newcastle troupe (consisting of Charlie Dearnley, Stella Dixon, Sarah Grundy, Edwin Li, Deanna Smith, Olivia Turner and me) assembled our equipment, props and costumes and loaded them into the Circusmobile (Edwin's car). Mark Pinder (the Circus Between Worlds photographer) also brought his car to be loaded with anything that did not fit in Edwin's car.

Olivia and Edwin are driving up to Glasgow tomorrow to set up their side show 'booths' and rehearse with the other side show performers.

The rest of the Newcastle troupe are travelling up on Wednesday morning, arriving in Glasgow for the first full rehearsal. Sarah, Deanna and Stella are going in Mark's car and Charlie and I are getting the train. We will all convene on site at 1pm for the afternoon rehearsal. In the evening between 8-10pm (the same time as the event will take place on Friday and Sunday) we will have the full dress rehearsal.

I am excited and intrigued to see the performances by the other artists involved.

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