Saturday, 31 October 2015

Learning how to make a contact mic

When I was participating in the sound workshop last weekend I was fortunate enough to have a go at using a contact microphone. A contact microphone is a small device that can be used to amplify acoustic instruments. Unlike the more common types of microphone, you do not sing or talk into a contact mic. It works by making contact with a solid object and turning mechanical vibrations into electricity. I would like to experiment with this type of microphone, and today a friend I was taught how to make my own contact mic.

Materials used

Coat the exposed wires with solder (both ends, all wires)

 Solder the exposed wire to the contact microphone

Put the tip onto the wire
Thread the plastic casing over the soldered wires before threading the metal cases over the plastic

The final process was to apply 2 coats of plasti dip (a sealant) onto the contact microphone in order to make the microphone waterproof and therefore turn the contact microphone into a hydrophone. 

I look forward to using this new piece of equipment and discovering what can be heard.

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