Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Art and Architecture at Kielder Forest

After stopping at the felling site, we moved on to do a little walk along the a lovely path by the reservoir before going to visit a couple of artworks.

Our next stop was James Turrell's Skyscape.

'Visitors to the Skyspace find themselves in a circular room where the artist manipulates our normal perceptions of light and space. In daylight hours, this chamber; illuminated only by natural light through the roof opening, is a contemplative space that focuses the visitor's attention on the sky. During the changing light conditions at dusk and dawn, the lighting system becomes active and visitors can expect to experience a rich unforgettable display of tone and colour.'

"My work is not so much about my seeing as about your seeing. There is no one between you and your experience". James Turrell

Standing at the top of the skyscrape gave an overview of the vast areas of forest. Taking the gaze to the floor revealed a variety of mushrooms.

Our next calling point was Kielder Castle for a spot of lunch and exploration of the grounds.

The Minotaur maze by Nick Coombe and Shona Kitchen includes some 'special features such as a set of stairs taking visitors above the walls. The final goal, a small glittering room formed from rocks of recycled glass is a quiet place from which to contemplate the task of discovering a return route to the outside world.'

The final stop before our departure back to Newcastle was to an artwork called Wave Chamber by Chris Drury.

Situated on the shores of the reservoir, 'Wave Chamber is a camera obscura, projecting an image of the water onto the floor of the chamber. Within the dark interior, the walls echo the wave sounds and the floor appears to become liquid. The image is clearer on late afternoons and sunny days.'

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