Tuesday, 8 April 2014

PGCert in Learning and Teaching (Creative Practices)and Ron Barnett on being scholarly

On Friday I submitted my final assignment to complete part 1 of the PGCert in Learning and Teaching (Creative Practices) course that I have been studying since January. 

The course has been fantastic - very interesting, useful and enjoyable. The group comprised academics and support staff from Design and Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art and a few others from external institutions.

"The purpose of the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Creative Practices) is to enable staff in UK HEIs and related professional fields to develop their knowledge and skills of teaching practice in higher education in the creative disciplines. This PgCert is specifically built around the concept of the critically reflective practitioner. The programme encourages students to engage with the principles of student-centred learning and major concepts and theories of learning and teaching. It asks students to reflect on their own role and practice in teaching and supporting students in a changing higher education environment, and facilitates the development of an individual programme of Continuous Professional Development.

The focus of the PgCert is the translation and application of generic pedagogical research to the creative practices, as well as the introduction to and exploration of research in the pedagogy of creative practices in higher education."


I have done extensive reading around the subject, and am going to select some extracts that I would like to share with you.

Ron Barnett on being scholarly:

Read a little

Write a little

Think a little

Share a little

every day

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