Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bricolage at The Pipe Factory

Ashamedly, today was my first visit to The Pipe Factory, a beautiful brick building at the heart of the Barras market in the East end of Glasgow. The third floor is where a number of recent graduates have their studios, but for the duration of Glasgow International, the whole building (5 floors) are used as exhibition spaces.

On the ground floor, a semi-transparent inflatable breathes gently. This alien form acts as father figure to another unfamiliar creature. The zooming sound that fills the room seems to relate to the furry blob of wool on the floor. I imagine the 'wool-ball' zipping around the space making these noises, but only when no-one is in the space. Who knows how many others are lurking in the loft or beneath the floor boards.


Talking of floor boards, I could not fail to be attracted to the stairway, with its earthy colours and interesting textured wall.

De Re Aedificatoria, the 1st floor exhibition by Made By Me immediately appealed to me with the repetition of simple forms to construct an inviting space in which one can explore.

Fold Up Snap On is an exhibition by recent GSA graduates. I enjoyed that the artists have embraced materiality, and obviously have an interest in materials and the hands-on making process.             

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