Friday, 3 January 2014

Plans put into action

It's been a pretty full on day, with lots accomplished, but still lots to do!

I am now back at work at Glasgow School of Art, so my time working on my exhibition is limited to afternoons and evenings.

After work Ruth and I drove to Travis Perkins to purchase more fine casting plaster.

We then met with Grace and Petter for a committee meeting related to my exhibition. It was the first time that we had all met together, and I found it very useful to clarify various things and ensure that we are all aware of where we are at and what still needs doing. We discussed things such as lighting in the gallery, poster distribution, the workplan for the run-up to the exhibition, availability of help and issues relating to the opening and in conversation event.

Petter and I then began the mammoth casting mission of the evening. We spent the first few hours cleaning the moulds and re-assembling them for more casts. We then mixed the plaster and poured into filled every mould suitable.

I decided to keep layers minimal, instead choosing to fill the moulds with one or two colours so as to provide a pause in the chaos that already exists within the existing casts on the bookshelf.

Having another pair of hands to assist me has been such a help, and even then, it took us a long time to clean the moulds and reassemble the pieces.

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